Are You A B&B Virgin?

Are You A B&B Virgin?

Have you been wanting to do it, but just haven’t gotten up the courage?  You’ve been doing your research, reading magazines, looking at pictures on the internet, and now you think you’re ready to take the plunge, but you’re still not sure.  We finally tried it ourselves ten years ago and fell in love with it.  Now we do it as often as we can!

I’m talking about staying at a B&B — a Bed & Breakfast.

Staying in a B&B is different from a motel.  This might seem like a “duh” comment, but it is the uncertainty of those differences that often keeps people from trying it.  Here’s a short list to help point out some differences:

Things you (usually) don’t find at a B&B:

  • A swimming  pool.
  • Other people’s kids.
  • Rewards points.
  • Cold cereal.
  • Another one just like it.

Things you (usually) do find at a B&B:

  • Fluffy robes.
  • A fresh, home-cooked breakfast that doesn’t involve you rotating a waffle iron.
  • They actually prefer you write them a check.
  • Trust.
  • Privacy.
  • History.
  • Innkeepers who are knowledgable about the surrounding area.
  • Good conversation when you want it, but not when you don’t.

Sometimes the innkeepers will hug you when you leave.  This happened to us when we stayed in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.   The Innkeepers were a gracious couple that we really connected with.  On the way home we were looking for a place to stay near Galena, Illinois, and stopped to check on a new lodge-type chain motel.  It was pretty cool, but the price was almost double what we had just paid for the B&B.  I told Roy, “For that price, they better hug us when we leave!”

Be a little adventurous.  Have breakfast with the person who will wash your sheets.  Stay at a B&B.

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No, it’s not Yiddish, or Swedish.  Maybe it’s Iowa-ish.  To us, it’s a word to describe the sometimes otherwise indescribable.

Over the past 10-plus years, we’ve gone on some great driving trips in our 1930 Model A Ford and in our “regular” vehicles.  We love to travel, but we’ve come to the conclusion that people are programmed to use the interstates, eat at chain restaurants, and stay in chain motels.

Y’dstoti Adventure

We discovered the joy and adventure of traveling the backroads, dining in local cafes, staying in historic hotels and B&Bs.  We found ourselves seeing things that made us smile.  Things like a cow tied to someone’s front porch, a sign proclaiming “Rooster Livers for Sale,” and small town slogans like in Peculiar, Missouri — “Where the odds are with you.”  And amazing scenery that took our breath away.  The pride of a flower garden in the front yard of a Midwestern farm-house.  We found ourselves saying, “You don’t see that on the interstate!”  And that led to our acronym epiphany – Y’dstoti!  (yid-STAH-tee)

To us, Y’dstoti is a lifestyle choice.

Like taking time to smell the flowers, literally taking the road less traveled.  Being able to turn around, go back and take a second look if you drive by something interesting.  It’s going for hikes in a State Park, then staying overnight at the Lodge built in the 1930’s by the Conservation Corps.

We look forward to sharing our Y’dstoti adventures with you and want to hear of yours.  So slow down, take a deep breath, and embrace Y’dstoti — where the journey truly is the destination!